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A Spoiler-Free Community for Wincest and J2.
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A Spoiler-Free Community for Wincest and J2.

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Hi, and welcome to onlywincestj2, the spoiler-free community for fans of wincest and J2!

This community was made because the mods found that we were constantly getting spoiled in various wincest and J2 comms. Often there were no spoiler warnings or lj-cuts, and just by checking a comm we would get a spoiler. Also, we’ve noticed that other wincest and J2 comms allow posts that have Sam, Dean, Jared, and/or Jensen paired with other people. So, we decided a comm was needed where we wouldn’t run into these problems.


Your Friendly Mods:

The Sam Mod: siriuslyyellow
The Dean Mod: kowaiyoukai



1. All posts must have wincest and/or J2 material in them.
~ 1a. Every post must be about wincest, J2, Sam, Dean, Jared, and/or Jensen.
~ 1b. Other characters and pairings are allowed in this comm. For instance, a Sam/Dean fic with Andy/Ava as another pairing is fine. But a Sam/Dean fic with Sam/Jess as another pairing will be deleted and will count as a strike against you. We don’t care if it’s canon that Sam and/or Dean got with other characters (or Jared and/or Jensen got with other people), we don’t wanna see it here.
~ 1c. The THIRD time you make a post that has one of the four boys paired with someone else, we will block you from the community.

2. Nothing may be posted that is a spoiler.
~ 2a. A spoiler is any information about any episode that has not yet aired on television in North America.
~ 2b. All spoilers must be under a cut. When in doubt, put it under a cut!
~ 2c. Not every post needs a spoiler warning. If you’re simply discussing how hot the boys are, no spoiler warning is necessary. However, every post that has any images, quotes, or any kind of content from an episode must have a spoiler warning at the very top, even if it only says: “Spoilers: Pilot”. For example, if your fic is about the wee!chesters, you could put “Spoilers: 1x18, 3x08.” You don’t have to put a spoiler warning up for information or pictures dealing with Jared, Jensen, or J2—unless it’s pictures of them filming an episode (regardless of whether it’s been aired or not) or something involving them discussing episodes (also regardless of whether it’s been aired or not). We need no spoiler warnings for new pictures of Jared and Jensen at movie premieres and the like.
~ 2d. The FIRST time you spoil something that has not yet aired in North America, we will block you from the community.

3. We allow posts with fanfiction, icons, manips, fanart, fanmixes, fanvideos, and general discussion threads as well.
~ 3a. Fanfiction: All fics must have the main pairing be either wincest or J2. Other pairings are fine, as long as they don’t involve Dean, Sam, Jared, and/or Jensen.
~ 3b. Icons, Manips, Fanart, Wallpapers, Banners, And All Other Graphics: Any graphics that you post to this community must be only of wincest, J2, Sam, Dean, Jared, or Jensen. So, if you have an icon post with other icons besides wincest/J2/Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen, the post should be in your personal LJ and there should be a fake-cut post in this comm, and on your teaser icons should only be pictures of the four boys. However, if your post contains only wincest/J2/Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen pictures, it’s fine to have the post either on this comm or on your own personal LJ. Also, if you have more than four icons, or one of any other graphic, put them under a cut.
~ 3c. Fanmixes and Fanvideos: All fanmixes and fanvids must only be about wincest and/or J2. We don’t want to see a mix or vid that deals with other characters or pairings. At all. This is because it’s incredibly easy for someone to mistake a vid where John is looking anguished about Sam/Dean to be a vid about John’s longing for Dean. We’ve seen this happen before, and it’s better for everyone if there’s just no confusion.
~ 3d. Discussions, Questions, Etc.: All discussion threads must be about wincest and/or J2. Other characters and pairings that do not include the four boys may be used, however the focus of the post should be on wincest, J2, Sam, Dean, Jared, or Jensen. You may fake cut to your personal LJ if you want, and you can put up a fake-cut to your LJ if your discussion includes other pairings with the four boys in them. For example: “I’d like to discuss an aspect of Sam and Dean’s relationship in season 4, which includes mentions of Sam paired with other characters. Please go here if you’d like to know more.” Just make “here” a fake cut to your LJ. The fewer details the better. We don’t want to hear anyone else’s name here.
~ 3e. In general, you may fake cut to your LJ with any questionable material. We do not allow it to be posted directly on this community. All the fake cuts must go to posts that focus on wincest and/or J2, although they can include other pairings with the four boys, too. For example, if you made a fanmix that’s about how Sam leaves Jess for Dean, you may post a fake cut to it here with a warning that Sam is paired with another character in it, as long as you don’t mention in this community that it’s specifically Sam/Jess. This rule is so that you can get people to your stuff without interfering with the rules of this community.

4. Absolutely no bashing of wincest, J2, Sam, Dean, Jared, Jensen, or community members is allowed.
~ 4a. This is a wincest-friendly and a J2-friendly community. If you like only wincest and cannot stand J2, or vice versa, this might not be the best place for you.
~ 4b. Please do not post nasty things about anyone or to anyone here. If someone bashes you, you can tell us by replying to this post, and we will take care of the problem. Bashing the other person back will just get both of you in trouble.
~ 4c. We're just here to enjoy wincest and J2, and to have fun while doing it. Please try to keep in mind that this is a friendly community, and we're all just here to show our love and support of the boys. If you're not here to do that, then this isn't the place for you.

5. Please contact one of the mods immediately if you notice one of the rules being broken, or if you'd like to affiliate, or for any questions or concerns you have.
~ 5a. TO CONTACT THE MODS ABOUT A RULE VIOLATION: Please contact us here if you notice that a rule was broken. All of the posts on that thread are screened, so no one will know you contacted us about the violator. We need your help in order to keep this community spoiler-free, and only wincest and J2.
~ 5b. We will delete the post that has violated the rules, and possibly ban the violator, depending on how badly the rules were broken.
~ 5c. TO CONTACT THE MODS ABOUT AFFILIATING OR ANYTHING ELSE: Please reply to this post if you’d like to contact the mods about affiliating, or with any comments, questions, or concerns.
~ 5d. We will gladly affiliate with any community that deals with wincest, J2, Dean, Sam, Jared, Jensen, or Supernatural in general. All other communities are welcome to ask, as well, and we will most likely (not definitely) affiliate with you.

6. You can promote your community if it is a wincest, J2, Sam, Dean, Jared, Jensen, or general Supernatural community.
~ 6a. Only promote your community one time, please.
~ 6b. Do not promote any community that is mainly about Sam, Dean, Jared, and/or Jensen romantically with anyone else. There are plenty of communities that endorse that. We are not one of them.
~ 6c. Please do not post just a text block with the name of your community repeated twenty times. The best way to promote is to offer a brief explaination and a link.
~ 6d. If you'd like to affiliate with us, please leave a comment on this post.


Thanks in advance for adhereing to the rules. We hope you'll have a great time here at onlywincestj2!


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